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Electronic Bartacking / Button Attaching Machine
One machine with muilt-functions, wide range of application
BRC-T1900G/1903G: bartacking & button holing, easy shift. High efficiency, cost saving. BRC-T1906GP: for elastic belt, easily exchange with BRC-T1906GS,sewing range: 60*50mm. BRC-T1906GS: suitable for bartacking and decorative seam, such as: non-woven bags, shopping bag, velcro, shoes, luggage ect..
Easy to assemble and install
BRC-T1906GS/GP:Install this module and change some small parts to realize the pattern sewinng. Easy to assemble.
Suitable for heavy duty
Easy for bartacking of luggage and fishing nets etc..
High efficiency
The max. speed reaches 3200 rpm, high efficiency.
Easy to learn and use
Touchable panel is sensitive, which shows the parameters and patterns, easy to use.
Integrated, easy to install and use
Integrated design with BRUCE new vision; Easy to install and operate.