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Programmable Electronic Large-area Pattern
Wide range of application
Widely apply in down jacket, padded jacket, home textile, luggage area ect..
Intelligent central presser foot, perfect performance
The central presser foot act in concert with the needle perfectly, which reduce the down leakage and thread skip problem efficiently.
Various big presser foot, wide range of application
Various presser foot are available to meet the different sewing demands that will ensure the qualified stitching.
Patterns input, effcient and convenient
The patterns can be designed and created in computer, through USB to input and directly modify in the pannel.
Smoothly feeding, low vibration
Screw rod feeding on X direction makes feeding more smooth and accurate, low vibration, no fabric stuck. Synchronous belt is optional.
Remote maintenance, worry free
Remote maintenance, software updating, pattern transit are realized.
Screw rod feeding, precise and stable feeding
BRC-T14090A adopted with imported high-precision screw rod to drive (Y direction),stable feeding,precise stitching.
Intelligent recognition of templates
The machine can recognize the template intelligently unlimited by RFID technology. The accuracy can reach 100%.
Various optional devices, automatic and efficiency
Laser cutting: perfect cutting, precise and efficiency; Auto change bobbin case: automatic and efficiency, avoid any harm to the fabric due to the stitching without bobbin thread; Auto change template: no-stop during operating , more efficiency.