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Thickness Adjustable Automatic Overlock Machine
Quick thickness adjustment device more suitable for different seasons
Patented device, applicable to gauze, knitting, jeans fabric.
Thickness detective device is applicable to different over-stem requirements. lower speed automatically ensures more powerful for over-stem sewing.
Short thread, without trimmer
Short thread trimmer can achieve within 5mm thread remainings automatically and without mannual trimming again.
More durable&reliable
New material&technology is applied to core parts, which ensures strong durability and long life span.
Strong and powerful start &braking sewing reactions
Improve 50% efficiency for start&braking functions after studying customers'demands, which providing fast sewing experience.
Front&back sucking functions, ensure clean sewing B6/KS(penumatic type)
Front sucking device clears trash; back sucking device clears thread remainings, which prevents dust and keep clean sewing.