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Mechatronics, Easy To Install
Needle bar&hook can rotate synchronously without limitations, which can achieve smooth sewing stitch any time and avoid different stitches during reverse sewing, thread broken, thread cutting problems etc. It can achieve beautiful stitches and improve more than 30% efficiency.
Auto Lifting And Trimming,EnergySaving And Efficient
German industrial design, excellent workmanship, extreme details, beautiful appearance, simple and atmospheric.
Super Large Sewing Area
Efficient sewing area 1400×950mm can basically satisfy all garment.
Smart Plate Recognition, Precisely Save Power
FRID radio technology can recognize plate limitless with 100% precision.
Soft Voice, Low Vibration
Finite-element artificial software and dynamic balance analysis software is adopted to ensure workers can be way from working speed range to the maximum and enjoy more comfortable workshop environment with its low vibration&soft voice advantages.
Shifted Folding Table, Easy To Assemble&transfer
Compact plate can be folded&shifted, easy to pack&assemble, Smooth table avoids damaging plate,Save transferring cost, More convenient to pack&assemble, Adding folded table design for easy operation.
Smart Middle Presser Foot Enables Perfect Sewing
The middle presser foot is perfectly coordinated with the needle movement to improve filler leakage and thread broken problem.
Screw Drive Feeding, Precise&stable
Imported screw drive feeding parts was adopted in X&Y direction with high precision, which can achieve more precise&stable feeding performance. Machine head is more stable by its complete welding technology and big sewing base. Belt drive is alternative for X direction.
Bottom Thread Detection Function, Save Thread&fabric
BRUCE patented bottom thread detection device can monitor bobbin thread remaining amount and alarm, and machine can cut thread and stop automatic, which operators can replace bobbin timely before the thread runs out and it can avoid fabric waste.