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Silent Computerized Overlock Sewing Machine
Full servo control, easier to operation
Industry-leading servo technology, the thread trimming and presser foot lifting are controlled by servo motor, no noise, and the thread trimming is more precisely.
Super fast and high efficiency
It only takes 0.12s to start sewing at the maximum speed, and only 0.18s to stop. The start-stop efficiency is increased by 14.3%; and the operating speed can reach 6000 rpm.
Adjustable after thin middle, adapt to fabric orders in different seasons
Exclusive patented thin middle and rear three-speed adjustment, suitable for sewing from thin to mesh, thick to denim, sweater, etc.
Short thread, no need to trim
Using short thread head light sensing technology, the length of the sewing thread head can be guaranteed to be within 5mm without relying on the operator's gestures, without trimming.
Automatic recognition of fabrics, smooth climbing over multiple
Intelligent recognition of the fabric, automatic detection of the thickness of the fabric, automatic speed reduction of the multi-layer fabric, strong climbing force, and smoother sewing.