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Super Fast Stepping Motor Computerized Small Cylinder Interlock
Super brisk speed, easy use and high output
The normal speed of V6000 can reach 5000 rpm, and the efficiency of V6000 35% at least higher than other brands interlock machine with working speed 3700rpm, and the start acceleration is only 0.18s, more output.
Drived by stepping motor, trimmer more precise
The global invention technology stepping interlock machine, no sound on thread trimming and foot liftering, trimming is more precise and faster reaction.
No Wrinkled on thin fabric, smooth on cross stitch
The stitches of thin elastic fabrics such as swimwear are even and smooth without wrinkles; The foot lifer height is adjustable according to the thickness of fabric, up to 7mm, to ensure that stitches are the same density when cross stich on heavy material.
Diamond design, easy to operate
The cylinder bed adopts a rhombus design, and the edge of the case is only 2 cm away from the presser foot. It is very convenient for loading and feeding fabric when sewing.
Ceramic thread guide, more durable and wear-resistant
The thread guide is made of ceramic technology to ensure smooth thread guiding, stitches are even and flat, and the thread guiding is not easy to wear.